Runbooks v1.4 Released

It's been a while, but Runbooks v1.4 is now available.  The delay is the result of a shift of focus to specifically serve small businesses.  So, you'll notice that the main page at has changed a good deal for a start, and both signup and login have been greatly simplified (just email now: no passwords).

While most of our attention was on externally facing things, we added a few improvements within the product itself, too.  You can now add markdown descriptions to your runbooks & runlogs.  If you're a team admin, you can change your team's name.  And, finally, we also fixed a number of bugs and minor nuisances.

As always, I love to hear your feedback on how Runbooks is working for you, and what you would like to see added in future releases!

— Andrew Miner

Release Notes

Features Added

  • The landing page now focuses on the value of Runbooks for small businesses

  • Signup has been simplified to only require the user's email address

  • Users now use email login links instead of passwords to log in

  • Team admins can change the name of their team

  • Runbook editors can add a markdown description of a runbook/runlog 

Nuisances Remedied

  • Clicking on the Runbooks logo returns you to your own dashboard (instead of the public landing page)

  • Revised the runbook & runlog icons to look more clearly like a book & clipboard, respectively

Bugs Fixed

  • Record actual completed at time for each individual step (not just the last step)

  • Fixed the error page when an unknown page is requested

  • Fixed error when visiting with an expired session to simply return to the login page

Operations Improved

  • Reduce event logging to only those which reflect user intent (i.e., not API calls)

  • Update event reporting to call out which sections of the landing page have been viewed