Runbooks v1.5 Released

Mobile at last!

Runbooks is mobile!  The newest release, v1.5, is now available with mobile support for phones as small as the iPhone 8 (360x667).  Your thumbs do get a brief reprieve as there is one caveat; you can't edit runbooks on your phone just yet.  Everything else is available right now though, and editing will come soon.

We've also spent some time fine-tuning the new user experience so all new accounts will receive a bunch of sample runbooks which explain how to use the website.  Naturally, we've also squashed a bunch of the most urgently annoying nuisances you've reported.

As always, I love to hear your feedback on how Runbooks is working for you, and what you would like to see added in future releases!

— Andrew Miner

Release Notes

Features Added

  • Runbooks is now mostly‡ compatible with mobile devices as small as the iPhone 8.

  • All steps in a runlog you own as assumed to be assigned to you and will be displayed as part of your dashboard.

  • Sample runbooks are automatically added to new accounts.

Nuisances Remedied

  • Images with a white background no longer render strangely in runbooks/logs.

  • The default title of a new runlog is now the combination of the runbook's title and today's date.

Bugs Fixed

  • Completed steps can no longer be edited.

Operations Improved

  • The debug screen copied to the clipboard when opening an issue now includes the User Agent.

‡ There are still a few features which aren't available on mobile. These all have to do with editing the actual text of a runbook or runlog. For these functions, you'll still need a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.