Runbooks v1.5.1 Released

Polishing some rough edges from v1.5

Several users reported some “unintended consequences” from a few of the changes for v1.5 which made life difficult. This quick release addresses all of those, plus a few related issues which have been lingering for a while.

As always, I love to hear your feedback on how Runbooks is working for you, and what you would like to see added in future releases!

— Andrew Miner

Release Notes

Features Added

  • users have the option to sign up from the login page if they enter an unknown email address

Nuisances Remedied

  • the "assigned to you" section of the Dashboard only shows one step from each runlog

  • subscribers to the Runbooks blog no longer get duplicate release notes emails

  • missing padding on runlog step previews while editing

  • extra long markdown elements (e.g., tables, links, code blocks, etc.) now scroll horizontally if needed

Bugs Fixed

  • pressing "enter" with an incomplete email address no longer attempts to login

  • due dates are displayed on completed runlog steps

Operations Improved

  • none